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Considering HMS for Your Children?

If you are considering High Meadows for your children, then we invite you to delve into our program. Study the compelling reasons why the High Meadows Way works.

High Meadows School has an impactful, successful, and unique approach to education. Our inquiry-based approach encourages children to ask the next question, explore what matters to them, and to discover the wonders of life for themselves.

At High Meadows, we believe that children possess a drive for cognitive, physical, and social engagement—a drive that is developed and enhanced by an environment that promotes academic challenge, creativity, personal responsibility, and a positive self-image.

For 40 years, we have provided an integrated, progressive curriculum, which nurtures skills and accomplishment in the areas of math, problem solving, critical thinking, literacy, social studies, science, environmental science, and the arts. It's an extraordinary environment that encourages a lifelong love of learning.

High Meadows is repeatedly recognized for excellence, leadership, and best practices in education.

Our graduates are known for their confidence, poise, creative problem solving, critical thinking, and ability to connect with their teachers and peers. It's no wonder that 99 percent of our graduates are accepted to their high school of choice.

Additional Information

Here are pages and links—information that might be helpful to you in choosing the school that best fits your family's needs:

  • High Meadows is an authorized International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme School.
  • We passionately believe in our Mission & Guiding Principles, making certain that they are reflected in our teachings in and outside the classroom.
  • We have a distinctive environment where children explore, inquire, learn, and become positive contributors to society. Our environment is a combination of many elements: the people, campus, use of space and, of course, our child-centered approach. We are much more than a school—we are a community.  Parents are encouraged to be actively involved. And, High Meadows faculty take full advantage of our more than 40 acres of meadow and woodlands, using nature as an extension of the classroom.
  • The co-teaching model is used in Preschool through Fifth Grade. Two teachers work together to serve their entire class of students. This method offers numerous academic and personal growth benefits to our students.
  •  Emphasis, a period of time when the entire High Meadows community studies a single subject, is a highlight of the academic year. Process, not product, is the key component to Emphasis.
  •  Our authentic assessment methods give teachers, students, and parents common points of reference to guide continued progress—both on an individual and a whole-class basis. This information is noted and shared with parents in both formal and informal methods.
  • We are accredited and have many affiliations. The Anti-Defamation League recognizes High Meadows as a No Place for Hate school and we have been recognized as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence as well as many recognitions for our environmental sustainability efforts.

Learn more: quicks facts, where our graduates go from here, and reasons why High Meadows may be the best choice for your family.

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This national wire article, "Teaching tolerance to children when Father's Day is Fathers' Day,"  was picked up by the the Washington Post. The article featuring Early Years Director Grace Shickler and one of our High Meadows families is an authentic testimony of the High Meadows environment. http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN0EO1RA20140613?irpc=932



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