About High Meadows

Why High Meadows

Our kids want to know more (about EVERYTHING). That's because, since 1973, we have believed that teaching is about engagement and connection, not telling and repeating. Our teachers are both passionate and compassionate. Our inquiry-based approach encourages children to ask the next question, explore what matters to them, and to discover the wonders of life for themselves. High Meadows is repeatedly recognized for excellence, leadership, and best practices in progressive education. All that we do originates from our fervent belief in our Mission & Guiding Principles.

Children leave High Meadows empowered with a strong sense of responsibility for the natural world, a deep respect for international perspectives, and an intuitive understanding of life's interconnectedness.

Many of the adults in our community say that they wish they could have attended High Meadows when they were kids. Others actually did! Either way, they come here because they recognize the importance of education—and a school that makes education joyful, meaningful, and powerful for its entire community.


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