Physical Education

Our Physical Education program is designed to introduce movements, fitness, and team sport skills to all of our students. We use many types of activities and equipment to teach these skills and sports in PE. The children are exposed to large-group games, centers, partner, and individual practice. The Physical Education curriculum is aligned with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education standards.

Our objective is to give each child the exposure to many different sports and the skills needed to play them, be a good team player and sportsman, and to develop the knowledge to live a healthy, physically fit lifestyle.

Team sport activities include football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, and badminton. Individual sports activities include swimming, tumbling, and track and field. Our students also participate in cooperative games, fitness development, movement skills and concepts, manipulative and fundamental skills, aerobics, and circuit training.

In the Middle Years, students may also elect to join our interscholastic Cross Country Team.

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