Theatre Arts

Our Theatre Arts program offers performance opportunities at every grade level. Actors are able to experience playwriting, performance, puppetry, and improvisations in a supportive, non-threatening environmental through the use of separate performance and skill units. Because of this structure, our instructors are able to emphasize various trans-disciplinary skills such as public speaking, creative thinking, problem solving, and critical thinking.

We believe in nurturing each child as an individual. We understand that every child is not a performer, but we teach each like a star.

Starting with Preschool, instructors encourage budding actors to use their stage voice and to speak clearly. As they grow in the program, students build their vocabulary and understanding of theatre. They begin to project, articulate, show expression, and demonstrate pacing. We feel confident that these skills serve as a foundation for public speaking in the class and in the community.

We employ two theatre educators, both with degrees in theatre and professional experience in the field. Our distinctive program provides multiple opportunities to connect with classroom curriculum. Theatre Arts instructors frequently refer to International Baccalaureate PYP units of study to create individualized learning experiences packed with creative and relevant content.

Middle Years students have many chances throughout the year to perform for audiences in our performance-based Mini-Courses. They may also elect to take courses such as Theatre Appreciation, Stage Combat, Puppetry, and Production Design. These skills are first introduced in the Early and Elementary Years to challenge them and pique their curiosity in the art and style of theatre. Our developmentally-appropriate classes are challenging, fun, and high-energy.

Fun is the perfect word to describe our multi-age production. We create one play during the year in which Elementary Years students perform and Middle Years students serve as the managerial team. Working with their younger peers, Middle Years students are responsible for sets, lights, sound, costumes, and special effects. This production is a great opportunity for students to appropriately interact with various age levels. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide a safe environment for students to discover themselves as they develop understanding and empathy for others. We are proud of our main performance space, the Johnson-Kemp Barn Theatre, a unique and charming place for actors to debut.

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