Visual Arts

In every High Meadows classroom, the creative process is a driving force in learning through inquiry. Exposure to and experience with the visual arts opens doors to key questions about life and learning.

We believe that the arts are a powerful component in the development of the whole child and an important means for interpreting and understanding the world inherent in all cultures. Our art curriculum is a unique, customized program designed to support and enhance regular classroom instruction across the curriculum. Visual Art instructors collaborate with classroom teachers using a variety of resources including curriculum overviews and International Baccalaureate PYP units of study to create lessons rich in content and meaning.

High quality, authentic materials together with instruction in skills, methods, and processes engender a high degree of student success. Projects draw on a wide range of stimuli, including the creative works of professional artists as well as contemporary, historical, and culture-specific works. Our students' work develops naturally from their own imagination, observations, experiences, feelings, value, and beliefs.

The frequency and duration of art classes are developmentally tailored to optimally engage students at the appropriate level. Kindergarten students attend half-hour art classes once each week. First through Fifth Grade classes increase to 45 minutes weekly.

Middle Years students have the opportunity to participate in art Mini-Courses that meet for 50 minutes every day for six weeks. The visual arts Mini-Course program includes a full spectrum of art media and content including ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking, copper enameling, and metal smithing, offered over a three-year cycle.

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