Authentic Assessment

Our authentic assessment methods give teachers, students, and parents common points of reference to guide continued progress—both on an individual and a whole-class basis. In a progressive school like High Meadows, assessment focuses not just on the final product of a unit of learning, but on the entire learning process. Teachers are continually assessing and documenting the growth that each student is experiencing across the subject areas, and from a social/emotional standpoint. Though students are not issued percentages or letter grades (with the exception of middle school), authentic narrative feedback is shared with parents in both formal and informal methods, including:

  • extensive narrative reports, written and shared with parents three times a year;
  • portfolios for Kindergarten through Fifth Grades, student selected pieces that highlight the best of their learning within each unit of inquiry;
  • student self-reflection (beginning in Preschool) on the goals they've set and what they've learned;
  • progress reports, which provide interim communication opportunities between parents and teachers;
  • standardized testing (ITBS, Third through Eigth Grade and CogAT in Third, Fifth, and Seventh grades, which allows the achievements of High Meadows students to be viewed in context with students nationwide;
  • ongoing PYP-based portfolios of student work throughout their years at High Meadows are maintained and shared with parents during conferences, highlighting the student’s progress throughout the year, and from year to year; and
  • public speaking. Although speaking in public ranks as a top fear of American adults, High Meadows students learn to speak securely and articulately at every grade level. Younger students may explore a topic that interests them and then teach others about it. Older students often conduct research as extensions of classroom study, and then present what they’ve learned as the unit culminates. By the Middle Years, students easily combine research and presentation skills to express their ideas with confidence.

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