As we gear up for back to school – we wanted to prepare you for new features on campus as you drive up the hill to explore the campus for the new school year.
  • The BARN arrived this summer and the animals are all in their new locations. We are still in the final phases of completion for the barn before we can send the students into it, however, Animal Care and Pony Rides will start as scheduled for the beginning of the school year.
  • The construction fences are down and we have a FULL LOWER MEADOW open for play. We have graded and replanted some areas around the meadow – you may see some of the temporary markers where we are allowing grass to grow.
  • On that note, over 260 trees and shrubs have been planted on campus, with more to come! We have a committee that will be renewing the project with children and our community to continue education and replanting for growth on campus.
  • The BASKETBALL COURT is ready for action!
  •  Also, our Super Senior CASTLES (outdoor meeting rooms) were complete and enjoyed all summer by about 150+ rising 3rd/4th-grade campers and counselors. We hope to utilize these as Animal Care and learning classrooms throughout the school year as needed.
  • The new carpool maps were posted. We have MORE PARKING now that we’ve opened the new parking area behind the community center with the turnaround and new gates to keep our meadow closed unless needed for parking during events.
  • The UPDATED detention pond has been re-fenced per city regulations, and sits behind the new parking area behind the community center and helps with the water runoff from our meadow and parking area on that end of campus.
  • The High Meadows Board and Staff will continue to inform you of upcoming projects on campus as we complete this phase of construction. While we have removed the construction trailer, we will still have construction equipment on campus at times to complete the barn, landscaping, punch list items, and other items the City of Roswell may want us to address.
We cannot wait to see you all back on campus and enjoying the new areas. As always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns by emailing