High Meadows School



1055 Willeo Road

Roswell, Georgia 30075

High Meadows School



1055 Willeo Road

Roswell, Georgia 30075

Campus Plan Updates

Welcome to the Campus Plan page. This is our central hub for distributing information and updates to all members of the High Meadows community.

You are welcome to submit questions related to this project by clicking here with the Subject: Campus Plan Question. They will all be addressed on this page or at an upcoming community meeting, or both. Your thoughts, ideas, input, and opinions will be heard, considered, and discussed. Thank you for your voice!


Community Forum Dates

See Jay’s note about the date changes for the forum, read more.

Monday, April 30th
8:45 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
In the High Meadows Community Center

Monday, May 21st
6:30p.m.-8:00 p.m.
In the High Meadows Community Center
Free childcare provided to all currently enrolled students, please register here

April 16, 2018

Here are the latest drawings of the new pony barn. I’m sure Little Moon, Sir Bentley, Koda, and Bella Luna will be excited to move in once it’s completed this summer! The representation of the enclosure is not accurate, it’s just to give us a basic idea of what to expect.



April 13, 2018

Active construction will begin on Monday morning in the detention pond area on the south side of campus.  Attached is an overhead view with markers to show both the current and after grading circumference of the detention pond.  Please see below for construction steps anticipated over the next 2-3 weeks:

South Side Detention Pond

The following is a description of size changes from the civil engineer – The existing pond has roughly 3.5:1 slopes with an existing volume capacity of 16,853 cubic feet. The new pond will have 3:1 slopes with a new volume capacity of 57,715 cubic feet.  The extra volume was needed for the improvements throughout the site. The extra volume is achieved by expanding the pond bottom approximately 80 feet +/- to the west and 50 feet +/- to the north.  The existing dam will (for the most part) remain in the same location.  If weather cooperates, this should be completed by the end of next week or sooner.

Student info: Most of this work will be grading and digging and probably not hugely visible for students.  However, the math involved in the size increase might be an interesting way to get students involved in why the design is what it is, and even predicting the end result.

Storm Water Lines

  1. Continuing the work done over spring break, they will connect the new pipe run under the parking lot (see attached photo) to the detention pond by digging a trench, installing new storm water pipe and backfilling the trench between the community center parking lot/road and the detention pond. (Early next week)
  2. Once the pond grading is complete, they will move north into the meadow. Digging a trench, installing new storm water pipe and backfilling the trench across the lower meadow.  The disturbed ground will be seeded and covered with straw.  This could be started as early as next Thursday.

Student Info: Students will see the pipe going in through the meadow.  Fair warning and explanation would be helpful, especially noting that the meadow will be reseeded and repaired after the work is complete.

Gravel Turnaround for Carpool

Will start once #1 and #2 above are complete.

  1. Next, they will install a 80’ X 70’ gravel pad to be used as a temporary turnaround for carpool at the top of the lower meadow near the existing drive.
  2. They will also be widening the existing drive coming from the back parking lot through the existing carpool gate to accommodate 2-way traffic (below photo).  This will be accomplished by using fill dirt to level the ground next to the existing road and installing gravel on top.

Student Info: A thorough explanation of the logistics of the new carpool process will be necessary for all 4th – 8th grade students and families. This information will be shared prior to the carpool changes.  Emphasize to students that this gravel pad is temporary – through the life of the construction and that the gravel will be removed and grass replanted to restore the meadow once the project is complete.

The meadow will be open for P.E. and meadow time until they start #2b above (could be as early as next Thursday).  This will not affect any of the Earth Day activities in the labyrinth.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

April 9, 2018

Since our kids can’t always play on the mid- and lower meadows during the construction project, here are some photos of meadow time a few days ago on the upper meadow. They had a great time exploring different areas of our campus!


Information Clarification

From time to time, there are specific comments or rumors we hear around campus that we think it’s important to clarify immediately, even before our next community meeting. Here are two points:

  • The tire swing and chicken tree are not going anywhere, nor will they be impacted by construction.
  • Eighth Grade Recognition will occur on campus. We are working on the details and will let you know more about that soon.

February 12, 2018

On Feb. 6th, we welcomed more than 80 members of the High Meadows community for the semi-annual Board of Trustees Report when we shared news about major strategic initiatives in which the board, administration, and faculty have been engaged. Because the report contained exciting and timely news about the future of High Meadows, we wanted to share the video for those of you who were unable to join us.

A large portion of the report was about our new “Creating the Future” campus campaign, which introduces physical additions and improvements to our campus that will have a profound, transformational impact on our children and our academic and camp programs, both immediately and upon the completion of the project in August of 2019.

Read more and view the video here:https://conta.cc/2Ezxd1M

February 1, 2018

Our beloved animals will be getting a new home, united into one “community” located roughly where our small animals currently reside. In late February, we will break ground on the construction of:
  • A beautiful Pony Barn, which will include proper stalls, storage, and an enclosed educational space;
  • New pens for our sheep and goats and hutches for our chickens and bunnies;
  •  A riding ring and fenced outdoor space for roaming.
During the construction, we will relocate our ponies, sheep, and goats to a nearby home away from home, where they will be cared for until we welcome them back to campus later this spring. Ms. Nanci will be visiting them twice each day to ensure they feel loved and cared for. Read more here: https://conta.cc/2IKAREf

January 26, 2018

View a quick video here about our upcoming Board Report to the Community: https://conta.cc/2GhJK7N