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Community Updates

Welcome to the Community Updates page. This is our central hub for distributing information and updates to all members of the High Meadows community.

You are welcome to submit questions by clicking here with the Subject: Community Question, and they will all be addressed on this page. Your thoughts, ideas, input, and opinions will be heard, considered, and discussed. Thank you for your voice!

Answers to Your Questions

What specific plans do you have for making sure that the faculty and the broader community of parents and students and alumni can share their ideas and feedback, and how will they be involved in this next stage of construction? What is the time frame on this?

A faculty/staff communications committee has been created and the details were announced to this group during post-planning meetings in May. Additionally, a community advisory council is being created that includes representatives from all our stakeholders: parents, faculty/staff, current students, camp, alumni, and former parents/grandparents. Planning meetings to organize this committee have been taking place, and details and timing will be announced soon.

Are you planning on coming up with an alternative solution to the road going through the Upper Meadow, because a ‘blocked off’ road through the Upper Meadow does not really seem to be any different than a ‘blocked off’ road through the Lower Meadow?

The road is one of the key aspects of the larger construction project that is being re-considered with community input. Questions such as this are important to consider.

Will the animals be able to wander the meadow like they always have when this new environment is complete?

Yes, they will absolutely be able to wander the meadow like they always have when this new area is complete.

Could you explain in more detail where the specific funding for current building plans and any future plans is coming from? How much is already raised? How much will need to be raised – by HM families or outside benefactors? How much will be borrowed?

Prior to the point at which we had decided to pause the plans to complete phase two of the project (the campus drive and two academic buildings), we had raised almost $1 million toward a $1.5 million goal, which was pledged by a small number of donors (parents, alumni parents, and trustees). Our ten-year financial plan took into account borrowing about $4 million, which would yield an annual debt service payment that is similar to the one we are currently paying on a $4 million, 20-year bond for the construction of the early and elementary years buildings back in 2000.

We are only committing to the completion of phase one at this time (the pony barn and animal community, new parking areas, and detention pond expansion and maintenance), with future phases on hold until we reassess priorities with our community. We don’t know at this point what the final cost will be or how much we will ultimately borrow but are amending that information as the project plan progresses. We will share the full financial impact on the community once it is finalized in the next couple of months.

In your May 14th letter, the following statement was made in reference to the Arborist’s findings

“The arborist felt that purposeful replanting could do a lot more for our goals and for the environment than trying to save what is there now. Steve Rowe, our civil engineer who is also a landscape architect, agreed with the arborist’s evaluation and recommendations. Therefore, given what we have learned and the professional advice that we have received, we are going to remove most of the remaining trees within the animal care facilities area. We have already set aside several large, healthy cut trees that we will be milling for use for various campus features and projects, and we intend to set aside more as we go. Looking to the future, we are planning to re-plant our campus with a beautiful, sustainable native landscape to utilize for teaching as well as attracting wildlife. All efforts will be made to keep High Meadows green and a natural, unique outdoor campus for our students. For starters, the areas surrounding the animal facilities, such as the area adjacent to the new “super senior” camp castles, will be replanted mostly with hardy, sustainable, native hardwoods.”

 The renderings and estimated timelines in the letter (and previous letters) were helpful to allow the community members to visualize the project that lies ahead for the campus.  Can you provide similar timelines and renderings for the replanting plans?

Replanting of Phase 1 areas is on the agenda for our regularly scheduled construction meeting next Thursday with the civil engineer, architect, and contractor.  Our architect and/or civil engineer should be able to provide us with revised drawings or renderings, but it will take some time after that meeting.  The full replanting timeline is uncertain at this point, but we will provide updates on the construction page as they become available.

What experts were consulted regarding what type of facilities were needed for our animals, including how large the barn needed to be, whether or not we needed double paned windows, and the size and construction of the riding ring, which is not a “training facility” but a place for our youngest students and campers to ride ponies?

During the planning phase of this project, a city arborist and our civil/landscape engineer visited the property to identify/count specimen trees to include in the tree replacement plan required by the City of Roswell.  The original plan documents did not include any existing trees in the riding ring or paddock area due to the land disturbance needed to grade the area for the safety of the horses and students as well as preparation for the HoofGrid system.  We have always intended to replant several hardwood trees in the paddock area for shade. The trees in question now were originally scheduled to be removed as part of the initial tree cutting.  However, there was a change in the layout of the animal area initiated by the city.  During their review of the submitted plans, the City of Roswell originally missed a zoning code requiring us to move the barn location from 80 feet from the property line to 130 feet away from the property line.  This changed the overall layout of the animal area.  At that point, we paused removing any further trees until a new layout was completed and the full LDP permit was approved by the city.  It was at that time that we engaged a certified arborist to determine which trees could safely be left within the affected area.  This visit happened last Friday.

The animal care area was a collaboration of several individuals including facilities, operations, and animal care. Each brought a unique perspective to the table. Nanci Levine, our Animal Care Manager, has over 30 years’ experience.  She researched many options and consulted with operators of local equestrian facilities and other animal professionals.  She and I spoke to several barn and other animal structure builders to express our needs and asked for their recommendations.  We included as many windows (not double paned) in the barn to help save on energy usage including clear panels in the roof.  We selected to install the HoofGrid system in the riding ring and paddock to provide both the ponies and students with a safe, well-drained and non-slip surface which will allow us to give pony rides even after a day of heavy rain.

Will the additional parking adjacent to the community center use a permeable pavement option? What were permeable pavement options considered? If permeable pavement options were ruled out, can you explain why?

The parking stalls are pervious pavers, and the drive areas are asphalt paving.  Our civil engineer did not put the pavers everywhere due to concerns of movement in the high traffic drive areas.  The pervious pavement type used by the community center was considered, however, our rich Georgia clay soil does not percolate well and this system has proven to not function well with our soil type.

There was an American Chestnut tree planted in the Super Senior woods, the site of construction. This is an endangered species. There was a little fencing around the tree. I’m curious, was this tree preserved?

We were made aware of the American Chestnut tree prior to the start of construction. Our facilities team transplanted the tree to the area next to the new super senior castles.

Head of School Search Update

March 25, 2019

The Community Survey is open!
We encourage all voices to participate so we can collect input on the values and leadership needed for our next Head of School. We want to hear from Parents, Faculty/Staff, alumni, students, campers, grandparents, and friends of High Meadows – so please forward to your High Meadows contacts to make sure they take it as well! Participation is key to success – and we are working with the classrooms to get student feedback, and our camp staff to reach all those that we can to take the survey.
We look forward to hearing your voice in response to the short, 6 question survey. The survey will close on Friday, March 29th – so please carve out some time in your busy schedules this week to share your thoughts.
If you have any questions, comments or feedback – please feel free to reach out to the HoS Search committee at HoSsearch@highmeadows.org and we will get back to you!

Head of School Search Update

March 1, 2019

The Head of School (HoS) Search Committee has been approved by the High Meadows Board of Trustees. We thank everyone who expressed interest to be on this committee and we are grateful for all volunteers that dedicate time to our school and camp. The Board has chosen 15 individuals that will help select the future Interim and permanent Head of School. These individuals represent all areas of our community including parents, teachers, staff, administrators, alumni, and camp.

The HoS Search Committee has been tasked with the process of defining what our school needs in a leader, screening candidate resumes and conducting full day in-person interviews for the finalists. Additionally, the HoS Search Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees for its vote and approval. We will continue to communicate updates through the Meadow Messenger and on our Community Updates page on the website. As part of this process, there will be an opportunity for members of our community to express their views and meet the candidates. If you have any questions or information you would like to share with the committee, feel free to always reach out to HoSsearch@highmeadows.org. Communications will be shared with the committee. If you have any Board questions – please email BOTfeedback@highmeadows.org.
  • Javier Estrella- HoS Search Committee Chair, HMS Trustee, Current Parent
  • Holly Berg- Technology Integration Specialist, MY Mini-Course Instructor
  • Sarah Bobbitt- Former HM Teacher, Current Substitute, Alumni, Current Parent
  • Clive Davis- Chair of HM Inclusion & Diversity Committee, Current & Alumni Parent
  • Erica Davis- HMS Trustee, Current Parent, Camp Parent
  • Gary Denning- Current & Alumni Parent, Former HM Teacher
  • Rebecca Drage- Early Years Teacher (K/1), Camp Counselor
  • John Dovic- Director of Camp and After School Programs
  • Margaret Jones- Associate Head of School, Early Years Principal
  • Stephanie Knapp- Current Parent, Camp Parent, Former SHARE Board member
  • Anne Lovatt- Middle Years Teacher, Camp Counselor, Alumni
  • Kate McElvaney- Director of Educational Advancement, Director of CPL, Alumni Parent
  • Mark Sedgley- HMS Trustee, Current Parent
  • Martha Lee Thwaite- Early Years Teacher (4/5)
  • Pat Wolf- Middle Years Principal, Alumni Parent, Current Grandparent


Head of School Search Update

December 20, 2018
Dear High Meadows Community,
Thank you to those who were able to attend the Board Report to the Community this past Tuesday. We had an excellent turnout and an engaged group – thanks for that. We have put many projects into motion over the past few months and appreciate your patience as we take a very deliberate approach to all of them. As a review and recap of the topics discussed on Tuesday, we have outlined the key points in this letter for everyone to read.
First and foremost, the Head of School (HOS) Search Task Force has selected Carney Sandoe & Associates as our search agency partner. It was a unanimous decision among this task force and we discussed the criteria for making the choice on this firm. Here is additional information as we move this process forward:
  • Our primary search consultants from Carney Sandoe are Bill Christ and Barbara Daush who are excited to get started at the beginning of January. The task force met with them specifically to make sure they “got us.”
  • In partnership with Carney Sandoe, we will select the HOS Search Committee involving a cross-section of our community. This group will lead the charge to find our new permanent head of school for the 2020-21 school year.
  • In the new year, Bill and Barbara will be conducting in-person interviews and presenting surveys to our faculty, staff, parents, camp staff, alumni, and others to get a full understanding of what the HMS community is looking for in new leadership.
  • Additionally, Bill and Barbara will help the Board interview and identify an interim head. We plan to name that person in March, well in time for the new school year in order to facilitate a smooth transition. Finding an interim is a much shorter process. We also discussed the reasons for engaging an interim head versus hiring a permanent head for the next school year, but we won’t rule out candidates who may be an excellent fit anywhere along the process.

News and updates on the HOS search will continue to be posted on our newly renamed Community Updates page (since we are doing more than the Campus Plan Updates) on the High Meadows website. And all questions on this topic should be sent to: HOSsearch@highmeadows.org.

Head of School Search FAQ

When will we announce the Head of School (HOS) Search Firm?

The search firm selection will be announced prior to the Winter Break.

What does the process look like?

The board will work with the selected firm to put together all of the mechanics of the search process.  There are two very different processes for identifying and placing an Interim HOS and a permanent HOS.

The Interim HOS is a very specific profession.  The pool of candidates is much smaller to choose from.  Therefore, the search is more narrow in scope and less broad in terms of community involvement, however it is our desire to ensure an inclusive process.

As the first step we will identify a search committee that is representative of the community.  The committee will work with the selected search firm to launch a thorough process for the interim and permanent HOS placement.

As part of the permanent head search process, we have asked that the whole community have a role.  This will take several forms.

A community wide survey will be distributed.

A onsite two day deep dive will be conducted by our chosen search firm.  This will include interviews, with faculty, administration, parents, and alumni.

A position statement will be created from the information and insights we gain from these events.

This position statement will be distributed and the firm will begin identifying candidates.

Why an Interim?

Like many professions, there is a hiring season in education. For heads of school, the time has already passed for a school to begin a search and still be able to have access to the best candidates. Therefore, in order to be able to select from the best possible pool of candidates, the Board of Trustees decided to hire an Interim Head of School for 2019-20.

When will we name an Interim Head of School

The search for an interim Head of School will begin immediately upon our selection of the search firm, and the board expects to announce that appointment before the end of February or early March.

When will the search for the Permanent HOS begin?

The search for a permanent Head of School will begin in the early spring, with the search committee conducting phone or Skype interviews, followed by on-campus interviews for the finalists. The Board hopes to be able to announce the appointment of the permanent Head of School in September of 2019, with the new Head to start July 1, 2020.

Head of School Search Timeline (Fall-Winter 2018)

August-September 2018:

  • HMS Board created a HOS Search Task Force (Mark Sedgley, Chris Rogers, Dana Meyer) following the announcement of Jay Underwood’s departure end of the 2018-19 school year
  • Board announced we will focus the initial search on an interim HOS for the 2019-20 school year, followed by a permanent hire for the 2020-21 school year.

October 2018:

  • Board Task Force conducted a preliminary screen of several executive search firms that came both recommended and found through research.
  • This group narrowed down the firms to three based on their early understanding of the type of candidates we are seeking, quick response and enthusiasm for the project, and commitment to the High Meadows process.
  • Task Force invited a cross segment of the HMS community to join in the vetting of the firms: John Dovic, Pat Wolf, Margaret Jones, Clive Davis, Carol Zboreak, Marc Medwed, Chris Rogers, Dana Meyer, Mark Sedgley

November-December 2018

  • This larger group completed in-person interviews with each of the three firms throughout the month and into December, and discussed to determine our selection.

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