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High Meadows School is a private, non-profit, co-educational, independent, progressive, and non-sectarian day school for students in preschool through eighth grade. Established in 1973 and located on more than 40 wooded acres in Roswell, Georgia, High Meadows School's innovative, inquiry-based, integrated curriculum emphasizes love of learning, creativity, meaningful connections, environmental responsibility and excellence. High Meadows learning extends far beyond the classroom by allowing students to learn through authentic experience. In short, High Meadows is what school should be. 

Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Likewise, our diverse community and International Baccalaureate curriculum help prepare our students for the global community in which so much is interrelated and the ability to consider multiple perspectives is essential. As a direct result, High Meadows kids are easily recognized as: confident, creative problem solvers; accomplished speakers; experienced team players; critical thinkers; and self-advocates who connect with their teachers and peers.

My son came to High Meadows, in sixth grade, from another private school. At our other school, grades were used as rewards and punishments, but they said little about quality of work or actual learning. If a student failed a test, no one seemed interested in why; whether the kids had actually learned something was beside the point.

At High Meadows, we have found a totally different environment. Grades help kids develop standards. I have heard several different teachers say that if students fail a test, they can retake it, 'because we want them to actually learn the material. But we will want them to come in and meet with us first, so they can use a different study method.' It is so refreshing to see an emphasis and focus always on learning learning how to learn and instilling a love for learning.

Parent of two children, at High Meadows School since 2010

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