About High Meadows

Our Founders

It would be difficult to envision a more perfect founding team. All four founders had worked in various capacities at the Chattahoochee School, which was located where Roswell's Chattahoochee Nature Center is now. All four had established careers and knew what it meant to start and run a school and a camp.

Bill Crawford provided fiscal leadership, managing the finances for both the School and the Camp. Especially in the School's earliest days, everyone took on multiple roles and responsibilities. Mr. Crawford was also the School's first groundskeeper. Above all, according to his co-founders, while working on campus, he was a man who laughed easily and was always looking forward.

When the School opened its doors, Jody Holden was a long-time professional educator, with extensive experience working with preschool and kindergarten aged children. She had been head of the Chattahoochee School, which was in need of a new home because of the growth and expansion of the Nature Center. Her vision of education guided the direction of the School in its earliest days, and remains at the cornerstone of our program today.

Jay Dickerson and Michael Drake were also experienced educators with a strong interest in the summer camp program. Jody Holden remembers Jay Dickerson as a good communicator with strong leadership, ready to jump in and tackle any issue that came along. Michael Drake actually lived in Montgomery, Ala., but spent his summers in the Atlanta area working with our summer camp. Both men blended their traditional education backgrounds with a great respect for the innovative methodologies implemented at High Meadows.

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