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Chat with a High Meadows Parent

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With the Mission as its cornerstone, the Strategic Plan will drive our efforts to enhance our program, advance our educational vision, and sustain our values, while holding fast to the roots that have kept us strong for nearly 50 years.

Strategic Plan

During the 2021-22 academic year, High Meadows School & Camp launched a comprehensive strategic planning process. The Board of Trustees established a Strategic Design Team made up of faculty, administration and Board members who worked with Greenwich Leadership Partners to shepard a highly inclusive and thorough process. Thank you to the hundreds of people who engaged through surveys, discussions, and feedback sessions. Your perspectives and feedback influenced and shaped this plan. We are excited and look forward to how this plan will frame our work over the next 3-5 years.


The High Meadows community celebrates and perpetuates each individual’s quest for knowledge and skill, sense of wonder, and connection to the natural environment. We empower each to be a compassionate, responsible, and active global citizen.


High Meadows School and Camp inspires adventurous learners who ask questions that drive learning and seek sustainable solutions in collaboration with others. Our students emerge as ethical leaders with the skills and habits of mind to grow and adapt as they discover a place of purpose and joy in an ever-changing world.


We value childhood as a distinct stage of life marked by a compelling drive to learn and persevere. We believe that children

  • are naturally curious.
  • deserve understanding and respect.
  • learn and mature in different ways and at different paces.
  • should be empowered to take risks, reflect, and try again.

We value a diverse community of belonging as essential to growth and learning.  At High Meadows, we

  • respect and appreciate the multi-dimensional identities of individuals who make up our community.
  • seek and support belonging and significance in our journey to understand ourselves and others.
  • commit to open communication and constructive dialogue.
  • purposefully cultivate respectful relationships among all members of the community.

We value our campus and its historical significance as a starting point from which to explore and understand the world and our responsibility in its future. At High Meadows, we

  • engage with the natural environment consciously, respectfully, and purposefully.
  • inspire students to appreciate and inhabit the earth responsibly.
  • utilize the outdoors to benefit mental and physical wellbeing.
  • act as compassionate stewards of our interconnected world.


We commit to the following four priorities, that in combination advance our educational vision, sustain our values, and achieve our mission.

Strengthen Our Vision for Progressive PreK-8 Teaching and Learning

  • Affirm High Meadows’ distinguishing approach to teaching and learning
  • Design and implement an aligned and cohesive PreK-8 program

Affirm and Celebrate Mission, Vision and Values within Our Community

  • Promote community connection and positive experience by celebrating and recommitting to shared Mission, Vision and Values

Support and Advance Adult Talent

  • Promote and preserve positive culture and ensure capacity to execute the Vision for PreK-8 learning

Fuel the Mission: People, Program, Place and Partnerships

  • Develop resources internally, and through external partnership, to support the Mission