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"High Meadows understands that fostering the development of robust, flexible, and creative brains is the best way to ensure that those brains are capable of solving the problems of tomorrow."  Josh Turknett, MD, HMS Parent


"During a field trip to Emory's William C. Carlos Museum, a docent turned to me several times to tell me she had never seen such smart children. She noted their unusually high level of enthusiasm, too, which tested her abilities to stay on track and move through the exhibits. She was clearly thrilled to be interrupted with "Wait, wait! I know that! Don't tell me!" Their curiosity and knowledge were testaments to their full engagement with their learning. As the docent told our students different stories, more questions bubbled up to be explored. I love seeing the delight in people's faces when they are presented with this eager crowd of students." —Jean Hunter, 4th/5th Grade Teacher, at High Meadows School 1979 - 2013

"I’ll never forget the way I felt when I went to my first emphasis night. The ease with which the children interacted not only with each other and faculty, but also with strangers, was extraordinary. Being able to discuss in detail their research and expressing their own ideas was amazing, from preschool onward. These skills are invaluable and are dwindling with our technological advances. From that day, I wanted my kids to be a part of this environment and we are continuing to see our children become High Meadows kids.” –Parent of three children, at High Meadows School since 2005

"Before coming to High Meadows School, I was teaching at a school where paperwork, administrative procedures and testing were often put ahead of the children’s educational needs. They talked about learning styles and teaching the whole child – but those ideas were never really welcomed into the classroom. The first time I drove up the High Meadows driveway, I instantly got the sense that this was a place where children were happy. Then, in my interview, we talked about how children learn, teaching philosophies, the importance of involving children in their own learning process – the kind of wonderful conversation I hadn’t had since college. When I toured classrooms, there was a tremendous sense of engagement and involvement from the students and their teachers. I could hardly believe that a place like this really existed. But it did. It does. It’s the experience that I get to have with my class, every day. It’s High Meadows." —Andrea Ianzito, 1st/2nd grade teacher, at High Meadows School since 2001

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