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1055 Willeo Road

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Early Years (K-3rd Grade)

High Meadows School

1055 Willeo Road
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8:25 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Kindergarten through Third Grade

Dynamic learning is an exhilarating (and sometimes messy) process as children explore and connect with the world. Early childhood is the time when children’s learning profiles and attitudes about education are forming. To nurture this, our Early Years teachers cultivate Kindergarten-Third Grade students’ natural curiosity and provide them with tools and opportunities to learn through discovery, supporting and guiding them along the way. Our experiential and developmentally driven classrooms offer students a variety of valuable experiences, while allowing for a child-centered approach to academic and whole-child growth.

Our Early Years curriculum focuses on core subject content, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP), students inquire and learn in classrooms rich in experiential materials, global perspective and cross-disciplinary learning. They learn to identify components of the IB learner profiles in their own actions and in others, experiment with new processes, perspectives, and activities, and reflect on their learning and how it can be applied.

Language Arts and Literacy

During these early elementary school years, students learn to read books across a variety of genres, at their own pace and level of understanding. Our vibrant language arts program employs a combination of phonics instruction, individual reading experiences, small reading groups and writing workshops. Student writers thrive at High Meadows, with its balance of task-oriented writing (researching a question to record knowledge), creative writing, and student-directed journaling. Comprehension, decoding, spelling, grammar and handwriting skills are reinforced through a program in which children learn by doing.


Math skills are taught, supported and practiced to serve as tools that support reasoning, real-word application, and problem solving through a program called ‘Context for Learning Mathematics’. Students use physical models to connect concrete and abstract mathematical concepts such as logic, space, measurement and estimation. Concepts are introduced and then revisited regularly to ensure the greatest depth of understanding.

Whole Child Focus

Children thrive most when their physical, social, emotional and academic needs are all considered in their daily school experience. High Meadows students are respected as learners, community members, and individuals capable of great things. Their development and growth is supported by intentional integration of physical movement, play, social and friendship skill building, and mindfulness practices alongside academic work. High Meadows teachers utilize Positive Discipline principles to assist with classroom management and individual growth, with focus placed on problem solving and self-awareness rather than punishment and rewards.

Outdoor Education

Connection to the natural environment is a cherished component to our school mission. The entirety of our 42 acre campus is used for daily student experience, with focuses placed on outdoor play and exploration, environmental sustainability, gardening, and interaction with our campus animals. Kindergarten through Third Grade students regularly take their learning outside and utilize many outdoor classroom spaces around our campus. We embrace outdoor experiences even on days that are cold and drizzly. Rain boots, parkas, and clothes that can come home muddy are staples for our young learners!

Parent Participation

High Meadows is a school for you to enjoy alongside your child.  Plentiful opportunities exist for parents and family members to volunteer and share in the joy of their child’s school journey. Parents enjoy being part of our community by participating in our parent association, coming in to cook and garden, attending family events and camp outs, and surprising their child as the ‘mystery reader’ in class!

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High Meadows is a school that places high value on the experience and preservation of childhood. Our goal is not to rush students into a high-pressure academic setting, rather to create an environment where school and learning are synonymous with joy, discovery and growth. Visit our Kindergarten classrooms and you will see students who feel at home and comfortable in their space, who feel confident in their developing skills, and who are at liberty to let their curiosity guide their learning. Our developmental approach to early childhood education and low student-teacher ratios allow each child to reach his or her academic potential, to feel empowered as a learner, and to grow as a well-rounded individual who cares deeply about connection and community.

Our Kindergarten students spend bountiful amounts of time enjoying our beautiful 42 acre campus learning and playing in nature. Young children need movement, play and time to develop friendships to grow and thrive. Our daily schedule provides ample recess and free-play opportunities to meet these social and physical needs.  A wide variety of Connections Classes provide an introduction to a wide variety of experiences that augment their daily school experience.

First through Third Grades

Our First through Third Grade students build on the academic and social-emotional skills they have learned in younger grades. In addition to expanding their core academic learning, students continue to practice problem solving, conflict resolution, collaboration, empathy, and leadership skills.  Students in early elementary take on greater levels of responsibility- both for themselves and for their classroom and school communities, while continuing to enjoy a child-centered and developmentally driven program. Play, exploration, and creativity remain vital components of every school day. The typical 10 or 11:1 student-teacher ratio enables a variety of individual, small group, large group and peer learning experiences.

With hands-on exploration and individual and group inquiry projects, each student has the opportunity to develop an “expertise” on a number of topics.  Students research and learn individually, as well as with peer and teacher support, and have many opportunities to share what they learn through multiple forms of self expression, including writing, visual arts, and public speaking. Technology is mindfully incorporated into the classroom learning environment, giving opportunity for skill development and understanding of how and when technology can support learning.


One of the most unique features of our Early Years program is the diversity in experiences students encounter through Connections classes. Connections provide learning experiences that enable students to link academic and extra-curricular disciplines in meaningful ways. At High Meadows, these classes aren’t “extra,” they are critical to the full educational experience of our students and are closely tied to the classroom curriculum and units of inquiry.

Students participate in the following classes and activities weekly or bi-weekly, depending on their grade level: visual arts, theatre arts, music, library, instructional technology, Spanish, physical education, environmental education, and pony rides/animal care.

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