1055 Willeo Road

Roswell, Georgia 30075

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1055 Willeo Road

Roswell, Georgia 30075

Our People

High Meadows School

1055 Willeo Road
Roswell, Georgia 30075

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Monday – Friday
8:25am – 3:15pm

Jay Underwood

Jay Underwood

Head of School

Jay has led the vision and mission of High Meadows in his role as Head of School since 2010. A principled leader in our professional, institutional and educational progress, Jay works closely with the board of trustees to define and uphold the high standards and ethical behavior in all areas of school operations. He is equally comfortable on the playground and the boardroom, and is often seen joining students in active learning and educational play around the High Meadows campus.

Beyond our school, Jay is a leader within the independent school community. He was awarded a fully-funded fellowship to the Klingenstein Center for Independent School Leadership’s 2017 Heads of Schools Program at Columbia University, an honor granted to just 20 heads of schools annually. He serves on the executive committee of the Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools (AAAIS), on the board of the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS), and is a member of the Country Day School Headmasters Association. His ideas and commentary have been published and quoted in publications including IB World Magazine Independent School Magazine, Innovate My School (UK), USA Today and Education Talk Radio.

Jay has over 20 years of experience in education across multiple grade levels, holding positions as diverse as public middle school vice principal and adult English language instructor in Ecuador. He moved to the Atlanta area from Santa Fe, NM, where he was the Head of the Rio Grande School for five years. He holds a master’s degree in educational administration and supervision from Rutgers University and a bachelors degree in English from Guilford College. Jay and his wife, Maureen, have two daughters who are High Meadows graduates.

Margaret Pritchett Jones

Associate Head of School and Lower Years Principal

A seasoned educator and independent school leader, Margaret is the Associate Head of School and Lower Years Principal at High Meadows. She expertly upholds the progressive learning practices foundational to our school, while championing the advancement of curriculum and teacher development that defines our long history of student achievement. More than any place else, you can find Margaret in each of the classrooms, continually assessing and shaping the academic direction for faculty and students.

Her more than three decades of teaching experience includes elementary grades and university teacher preparation courses.  During her 10-year tenure at Georgia State University, Margaret co-directed the Collaborative Master’s Program, an innovative approach to in-service teacher education emphasizing learner-centered and democratic educational practices.  She has consulted with many schools and organizations around issues of constructivist teaching and teacher education, including the Neighborhood Charter School, where she spearheaded the creation of the integrated curriculum maps for kindergarten through fifth grades. Margaret served as Curriculum Coordinator for five years at the Neighborhood Charter School, an urban charter school in downtown Atlanta. Prior to joining High Meadows, she served as the Lower School Head at Heathwood Hall Episcopal School in Columbia, SC from 2008 to 2015.

Margaret earned her M.Ed. and Ed.S. degrees in Elementary Education from Indiana University, with Curriculum Theory as her focus of study. She has been published in The Journal of the Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Educators, The Journal of Teacher Education, IB World Magazine, Independent School Magazine, Innovate My School (UK), and Education Talk Radio. Margaret’s husband, Jonathan, works in marketing and communications for the University of South Carolina Alumni Association. Her daughter, Allison, is a recent graduate of New York University in film production and animation. Beyond her school day, Margaret enjoys making jewelry, taking walks in the woods, and reading a great book.


he governing body of High Meadows School is the board of trustees. The board is a self-perpetuating group of volunteer parents, past parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends, all committed to setting the course for the school’s long-term success.

The board identifies and studies issues that will impact the school’s future. Through standing committees as well as strategic task forces, it focuses on governance and mission-centered areas of interest. Stewardship of High Meadows’ resources is a primary duty of the board, not the daily function of the school.


Steve Shlansky, Chair
CEO, GO! Experience Design

Erica Davis, Secretary
Strategic  Lead Tech/ Telco, Yahoo

Lisa Tilt, Vice Chair
President, Full Tilt Consulting

Holli Hutson, Member At Large
Principal, H+H Content Marketing

Javier Estrella, Member At Large
Teacher, Coach & Founder at Estrella Group

Chris Rogers, Treasurer
Chair, Finance Committee
CEO/President, Rogers Electric

 Jay Underwood, Head of School


David Boatright
President, Gabriel Holdings

Dana Meyer
High Meadows Alumni

Mark Sedgley
Chair, Enrollment & Marketing
President/CEO,  MemberClicks





Jon Ramsey

Marcia Prewitt Spiller
Vice President for Academic Affairs,
Woodward Academy

Kirk Waldrop
Vice President, Supply Chain



Jody Holden
Co-Founder, High Meadows School

Steve Romeyn
Chair, Campus Planning Task Force
Partner, Windsong Properties

Rob Stone
Partner, Alston & Bird


Sue Amacker

Counselor and Director of Support Services

Chad Brinker

Associate Camp Director

John Dovic

Director of Camp and After School Programs

Consuela Harris

Front Office Manager

Melissa Harrison

Director of Development and Communications

Margaret Jones

Associate Head of School and Lower Years Principal

Lori Kennedy

Lower Years Assistant Principal

Angela Lockard

Development Manager

Kate McElvaney

Director of Educational Advancement and Director of the Center for Progressive Learning

Jane Murphy

Human Resource Manager

Laura Nicholson

Director of Admission & Enrollment

Michael Rhodes

Director of Technology

Judi Vargas-Prada

Executive Assistant to the Head of School

Jay Underwood

Head of School

Anne Verville


Peggy Volrath

Enrollment Coordinator and Data Base Manager


Pat Wolf

Middle Years Principal


ur faculty inspire, guide, and mentor students every day. We have more than 80 teachers at High Meadows School, 70% of whom hold a master’s or other advanced degree. Their commitment to exceptional academic preparation and individualized learning through engagement and connection is unparalleled. Every one of them models lifelong learning for students, frequently collaborating with colleagues on project-based initiatives to enrich our teaching methods.

Our unique teaching model places two lead teachers in every class from pre-k through fifth grade. Our Middle Years teachers are subject matter experts who teach specific courses to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Small class sizes allow students to develop relationships with a consistent group of teachers throughout these three pivotal learning years.

High Meadows’ commitment to professional development for faculty touches on many areas of learning and education, often focused on studying different viewpoints and techniques to enhance our current programming. These experienced educators are regularly recognized at the national level for innovations in instruction and exceptional student outcomes.

Gail Albert
Pre-K/Preschool Teacher

Karen Allen
Physical Education Teacher
Dr. Tasha Babiar
Middle Years Math Teacher

Lisa Backalenick

Debby Beacham
Second/Third Grade Teacher

Melissa Begley
Support Teacher

Holly Berg
Technology Integration Specialist

Deanna Bussard
Pre-K Specials Teacher  and Before & After School Care

Melissa Casorio
Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher

Yvette Cupid
Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

Rebecca Drage
Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

David Engbritson
Middle Years Science Teacher

Kirsten Fournier
Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher

Jenifer Friedman
Pre-K / Preschool Teacher
John Garcia
Lower Years Spanish Teacher

Sheryl Garrett
Support Teacher

Carolyn Higgins
After School Care

Shannon Hostetler
Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

Katie Huffner
Second/ Third Grade Teacher

Jean Hunter
Middle Years English Teacher

Andrea Ianzito
Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

Kerri Irwin
Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher

Roshni Ismail
Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher

Brian Ivey
Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

Walt Knapp

Afterschool Care

Amanda Korell
Technology Intergration Specialist

Christina Lababidi
Second/Third Grade Teacher

Ginger Landers

Support Teacher

Nanci Levine

Animal Care Manager

Shannon Lindsay
Theatre Arts Teacher

Jennifer Lott

Director of Extended Care & Pre-K Nature Classes

Anne Lovatt
Middle Years Social Studies Teacher

Brenda Major
Visual Arts Teacher

Libby McCutchen
Pre-K/Preschool Teacher

Cari Newman
Second/Third Grade Teacher

Dona Nimer

Support Teacher

Kim Platnick

Vivien Rosa-Vaccarelli
Middle Years Spanish Teacher

Kara Saiz
Environmental Education Teacher

Sallie Samuels
Middle Years Math Teacher

Yori Scott
Middle Years Counselor

Nancy Smith
Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher

Vanda Spinola
Middle Years Spanish Teacher

Dr. Robert Stalker
Middle Years English Teacher

Allison Stanley
Support Teacher

Andy Stephens
Middle Years Science Teacher

Kate Stoessel
Second/Third Grade Teacher

Annie Swanlaw
Second/Third Grade Teacher

Beth Thompson
Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

Liz Thompson
Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

Martha Lee Thwaite
Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher

Sarah Topper
Middle Years Math Teacher

Jimmy West
Music Teacher

Lynn Williams
Visual Arts Teacher

Paula Williams
Music Teacher

Linda Wise
Pre-K/Preschool Teacher

Isaac Wolf
Middle Years Social Studies Teacher

Danielle Wright
Theatre Arts Teacher

Tiara Wynn
Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

Melissa Zampatti
School Nurse

Carol Zboreak
Support Teacher