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1055 Willeo Road

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Elementary Years (4-5)

High Meadows School

1055 Willeo Road
Roswell, Georgia 30075

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8:25 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Fourth and Fifth Grades

Step into our Elementary Building and you will find curious, engaged Fourth and Fifth Grade students busily crafting projects, researching interests, collaborating on ideas, and finding joy in their learning. Our teachers know that fostering curiosity, innovation, and authentic experiences in the classroom helps develop well-rounded and confident children who are invested in their own growth. Through intentionally designed units of study, High Meadows students are challenged not only to acquire information, but to consider why it matters, how it applies to the world around them, and how to take action with the information they’ve ascertained. Working both as individuals and in cooperative groups, these students express their learning through presentations, written work, service learning, and creative projects.

Different by Design

The Elementary Years for a student at High Meadows School are spent in a multi-age classroom with a two-year curriculum. Through inquiry, exploration, and planned lessons, students spend two years studying 12 major IB units of inquiry (6 related to the sciences, and 6 related to social/global studies). Our student-centered classrooms have low student to teacher ratios facilitating learning, differentiation, and nurturing social-emotional development. Classroom community is fostered through class meetings and by students sharing in decision making. Key academic development is supported by proven techniques and approaches including the “Contexts for Learning Mathematics” series by Catherine Fosnot and colleagues and the “Writer’s Workshop” by Lucy Caulkins.

A Global Perspective

Continuing with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) curricular framework, our Fourth and Fifth Grade elementary students further develop as global citizens through exposure to issues that cross geographic boundaries and subject areas. They become more responsible for their own learning, which includes developing their own unit of inquiry for Exhibition, which is a culmination of the Primary Years Programme. Exhibition gives Fifth graders the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired through their earlier learning years to a global problem or issue. By investigating solutions and presenting their findings to the entire High Meadows community, students demonstrate the attributes of the learner profile and provide authentic assessment of understanding and development.

Student-Centered Learning and Assessment

As elementary students grow in maturity and ability, they also become more responsible for goal-setting and self-evaluations. Fourth and Fifth Grade students lead their own parent-teacher conferences, selecting portfolio pieces that demonstrate their learning, and reflecting on their growth and future objectives. This self-reflection and personal accountability helps students develop intrinsic motivation and self-advocacy skills that serve them in high school and beyond. Likewise, authentic assessment practices give parents and students abundant student-specific feedback on progress, strengths, and opportunities for growth.

“I love being a student here because of the student/teacher bond. The teachers get to know you and learn what you need to be successful. We don’t sit in a desk all day- we get to work in groups, experiment, go outside, and do projects.”


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Connections Classes for Fourth and Fifth Grade students balance out learning by offering opportunities to discover passions and extend their understanding related to units of inquiry. These classes include visual arts, theatre arts, music, library, instructional technology, Spanish, physical education, environmental education, and animal care.  All Fifth graders select an instrument to play in our Fifth Grade Band.