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1055 Willeo Road

Roswell, Georgia 30075

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High Meadows School

1055 Willeo Road
Roswell, Georgia 30075

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As a leading independent school just north of Metro Atlanta, High Meadows School’s community and programs are built on a foundation of best practices in progressive education, clear learning objectives, and the belief that education should be joyful, meaningful, and powerful.

Our mission and guiding principles clearly place children at the center of their learning experiences, honoring their capabilities, their development, and their needs. We believe unapologetically in the value of childhood, play, and inquiry based learning.

While daily learning at High Meadows may look different than at a traditional school, our student outcomes speak for themselves. Come learn more at one of our upcoming admission events!

By design, High Meadows School offers an academic environment where …

Best Atlanta Private School - STEM Curriculum

The questions matter as much as the answers

Discovery, adventure, and play complement robust academic pursuits

Handwriting and happy kid at top Atlanta Private school
Nature Based Education at Best Private School In Roswell

Our expansive campus offers ever-changing experiential lessons

Outdoor Learning at Private School High Meadows

340 diverse learners in Pre-K through Eighth Grade create a supportive community

Children become expert thinkers, solvers, and doers

Girls STEM Curriculum - Best Private School Roswell

Why do our families consider High Meadows to be one of the best private schools in Atlanta for their preschool, elementary, and middle school children? Here are just a few reasons:

  • “Hands down THE best place for education! The progressive, nurturing environment has engaged my middle-schooler in a way that has allowed him to find who he is and where his talents truly are. The small classrooms, time outdoor, and integrated curricula have helped him understand how science, literature, and history all interact. I cannot recommend this wonderful school enough.”
  • “Having both my daughters attend High Meadows from preschool all the way through the Middle Years program was the best parenting decision my husband and I have made. The lovely part is now that they have graduated, I am seeing all the payoffs for the sacrifice in making this happen. Both of my girls have excelled in Public High School, they transitioned from a very small graduating class at High Meadows to Roswell High School just fine. Their grades have been stellar but most importantly, they both loved High School.”
  • “This school has been home and family for my children for 12 years. I can’t think of a better environment for them – they are engaged and have emerged with the curiosity, passion, and critical thinking skills to be lifelong learners who embrace diverse thinking styles and viewpoints, advocate for tolerance, and understand their responsibility as global citizens. Best decision we’ve ever made for our children.”

High Meadows is where it all started for them. Through inquiry and experience, our students explore their interests, connect their studies to the world around them, and find meaningful opportunities to grow and strengthen their abilities. A High Meadows education sets them up not just for academic success, but also for a lifetime of learning and connection. We invite you to visit us and understand why our community considers us to be one of the best private schools in Atlanta and beyond.