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Movement, creativity, self-expression, exploration- these elements are essential to an education that is well-rounded and inspiring to children. Beginning in preschool, our Connections classes provide learning experiences that bring our curriculum to life. Our students find joy in performing, creating, communicating, and taking action while being guided by expert teachers who specialize in their subject area. Through weekly and twice-weekly classes, students gain self-confidence and skill while developing new passions and talents.

Curriculum for Connections classes is closely tied to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) units of inquiry for Early and Elementary Years.

Connections Classes Include:

Among our resident animals, we have horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs, chickens and guineafowl.  Our Barnyard program teaches students to interact with and care for the animals, as well as the wildlife surrounding us on campus, in a positive and respectful way.  By working directly with our domesticated animals, students can expect to learn about animal behavior, physical care, egg development/hatching, force-free training, and enrichment.

Our Environmental Sustainability program engages students through the infusion of environmental concepts taught throughout the International Baccalaureate curriculum. We achieve this through a combination of stand-alone classes combined with collaborative efforts between the classroom and our environmental sustainability teacher. Students develop a connection to the natural world through hands-on field experience across our 42-acre campus using scientific tools and concepts. Solutions to real-world problems are seen through a lens that takes into consideration financial, environmental, and intellectual sustainability.

Students love to explore the ES classroom’s natural science museum, engage in outdoor discovery activities, and participate in small-group projects. The classroom incorporates children’s literature, art, and technology utilizing a grow lab, wet area for ongoing experiments, and covered deck that serves as a bird and butterfly reserve.

Our Information and Technology Literacy (ITL) instruction classes support classroom curriculum, student research, and independent reading. ITL classes integrate technology, information, and literacy experiences, and are taught by our technology integration specialist teachers and school librarians.

In collaboration, the High Meadows Library Program provides students and teachers with print and digital resources for inquiry research in addition to a wide array of books that our readers just can’t put down. The library is also home to our digital production lab and 3-D printers, which are used both during connections classes, independent research, and Middle Years mini-courses.

Additionally, this time in the library each week allows students to explore our expansive book collection and check out books to bring home. Our librarians love working with children to help them find books that help them grow as readers while fostering their love of learning.

Our child-centered Music curriculum is structured around the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy of music education.  Early and Elementary Years students are exposed to the guitar, recorder, and percussion instruments in addition to vocal performance.  Music technology is integrated throughout the curriculum in arranging and composition, and through the use of iPads and various apps.

Every Fifth Grader learns a band instrument as part of the music curriculum, and Beginning Band and Advanced band are offered to Middle Years students.

Our Physical Education (PE) program is designed to introduce movement, fitness, and team sport skills to all our students. We use many types of activities and equipment to teach these skills and sports in PE. The children are exposed to large-group games, centers, partner, and individual practice. The PE curriculum is aligned with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education standards.

Our objective is to expose each child to many different sports and the skills needed to play them. Additionally, we teach students how to be a good team player and sportsman and encourage them to develop the knowledge to live a healthy, physically fit lifestyle.

Our Spanish classroom is a vibrant place where students are immersed in the culture and traditions of Spain and Latin America while developing exposure and skill in the Spanish language.  Through stories, songs, dance, and games students learn about  the geography, history, and many varied cultural traditions of the Spanish-speaking world.

Students in Pre-K through Middle Years take Spanish, and our graduates are able to engage in conversational Spanish. They also have a strong foundation that allows them to earn credit for a second-year Spanish program (Spanish II) in high school settings. Our program follows the National Spanish Standards.

Our Theatre Arts program provides opportunities for creative expression and performance to every grade level.  Starting in Pre-K, actors are encouraged to use their stage voices, demonstrate audience etiquette, to articulate, and to express themselves.  As they grow in the program, students learn various aspects of playwriting, performance, puppetry, production design, and improvisation in a supportive, comfortable environment.

Middle Years students have many opportunities to explore the art and craft of theatre throughout the year with a variety of Mini Courses. Although many students are attracted to our Performance and Technical Theatre classes which result in public performance, many students actively participate in our process-based classes such as Puppetry, Acting, Improvisation, Production Design, and more.

Theatre is a vehicle to teach life skills. At High Meadows we teach those life skills by focusing on Trust, Honesty, Ensemble (building), (a positive) Attitude, Talent, Respect, and Excellence.

We believe that the Visual Arts are a powerful component in the development of the whole child and an important means for interpreting and understanding the world. Our art curriculum is a unique, customized program designed to support and enhance regular classroom instruction. Projects draw on a wide range of stimuli, including the creative works of professional artists as well as contemporary, historical, and culture-specific works.

Our students’ work develops naturally from a mixture of imagination, observations, experiences, feelings, values, and beliefs. Mediums offered at different grade levels include ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting and printmaking.

As students advance through their High Meadows journey, the depth at which each Connections class introduces concepts and skills increases.

Middle School students pursue their own interests by selecting a variety of mini-courses offered throughout the year in a wide range of disciplines, including music and the arts, technology, science, environmental education, public speaking, animal care, and culinary arts.