Exceptional Academics

Our students love school (they really do)! When children experience a High Meadows education, they become self-aware, confident, and inquisitive with a hunger for exploration and discovery. This is easy when the entire community embraces learning with such a passion.

One great example of our integrated learning approach is a three-week school-wide endeavor called Emphasis. This is a time when every class, from Preschool through Eighth Grade, delves into one topic of study (past examples are 'China,' 'Beauty,' and 'Trash')—all at the same time. Each classroom interprets the topic in its own way, driven by the skills, inquiries, and interests of the students. Although Emphasis happens just once a year, this style of inquiry driven learning is an everyday occurrence at High Meadows. With this kind of community focus and support, our students realize and feel success.

At High Meadows, we believe that children possess a drive for cognitive, physical, and social engagement—a drive that is developed and enhanced by an environment that promotes academic challenge, creativity, personal responsibility, and a positive self-image.

For 40 years, we have provided a developmentally appropriate curriculum, which nurtures skills and accomplishment in the areas of math, problem solving, critical thinking, literacy, social studies, science, environmental science, and the arts. It's an extraordinary environment that encourages a lifelong love of learning.

High Meadows’ graduates are known for their confidence, poise, creative problem solving, critical thinking, and ability to connect with their teachers and peers. It's no wonder that 99 percent of our graduates are accepted to their school of choice.

The "living museums" that demonstrate what our students have learned in certain units may be my favorite thing at High Meadows. The children bring so much of themselves to the process, planning, developing ideas, collaborating, and conducting independent research. They create things that go far above and beyond anything that I might have developed for them. The individual work is outstanding. And the impact of the whole whether we turn the room into an African village or a display of simple machines that the students create themselves really is greater than the sum of those individual parts. It brings tears to my eyes to see the enthusiasm and pride that shines through their work. Even beyond the knowledge they gain about any one subject, these children develop so many research, organizational, note-taking, collaboration, and presentation skills. And the value of the experience is something that lasts, long after the "museum" becomes our regular classroom again.

Holly Portis, Elementary Years teacher at High Meadows from 2001 to 2014

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