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1055 Willeo Road

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Considering a Private School near Marietta? High Meadows School Should Be on Your List

Looking for a private school near Marietta? Be sure to explore High Meadows School! While technically we are over the East Cobb line in Roswell, we are a leading independent private school located just steps away from Marietta/East Cobb. Our 42 acres of grassy fields and woodlands and our farm animals offer a rich learning landscape to complement and expand classroom learning for our pre-K – 8th grade students (who come from all over metro Atlanta!).

Each school day, our campus inspires students to engage in joyful discovery, develop respectful connections to the natural environment, and translate knowledge into meaningful action. We focus on developing future global citizens and innovative leaders who embrace challenge and think for themselves. We are committed to exceptional individualized instruction, and classes are taught by two lead teachers. Our experiential curriculum emphasizes academic excellence, love of learning, critical thinking, and environmental and social responsibility.


Why families choose private schools to meet their needs

Families consider a private school education for many reasons:

  • Perhaps you want more individualized instruction or outdoor time for your child.
  • Maybe you know that your child learns better through experiences and play.
  • Or, you want a smaller learning environment where teachers know your child and his or her learning style.

No matter the reason, selecting a private school that fits the needs of your child and your family is an important decision.

So, with almost 40 private schools and excellent public schools in Marietta, why should you consider High Meadows for your child? The 42-acre campus and animals? The emphasis on academic and social-emotional growth? The daily opportunities to learn while outside? The individual instruction? Perhaps feedback from our families throughout the metro area can answer this question best. They regularly tell us they value High Meadows for four key reasons:

  • The opportunity for their children to play and learn outdoors
  • Teachers know the needs of their students
  • The school offers a friendly and inclusive environment
  • Students are self-advocates and prepared for high school when they graduate High Meadows

Learn more about High Meadows. Take a visual tour of some of the most treasured places across our campus. Then, come experience High Meadows in person to see all that we offer. We look forward to hearing what your family wants in a private school and how we might meet those needs.

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High Meadows School

1055 Willeo Road
Roswell, Georgia 30075



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Chat with a High Meadows Parent

Chat with a High Meadows Parent

Our current parents are a great resource for asking questions and learning more about High Meadows School. Connect directly with our parents and find out what makes High Meadows so special to them!

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