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Engaging, Connecting, and Being in Nature: Parents Share Why They Chose High Meadows 

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It’s common to see students of all ages at High Meadows observing, measuring, discussing, and hypothesizing both inside classrooms and outdoors. These activities help them become critical thinkers for whom learning is a natural part of their every day, at school and elsewhere.  

Parents regularly share that this type of learning is one of the reasons they selected High Meadows. They also note the emphasis on the social/emotional development of children as well as academics and learning outside in nature. 

Engaging and Connecting vs. Reciting and Repeating   

“We don’t believe academics and education are a race,” said Trish Soganich, mom of a current sixth grader and a ninth grader alumna. “Education is about the whole child. We want to raise children of good character who are open minded and appreciate diversity of all kinds. That’s a high priority for us. High Meadows matched these values, and our kids have thrived at the school.” 

When exploring a new school for her children, she liked that High Meadows offered some similar benefits to the Montessori school environment they were previously in, including multi-age classes, the exploration of whole topics, and encouraging children to play and work in nature 

Tricia Madden, mom of children in Kindergarten, fifth, and sixth grades at High Meadows, values the school’s focus of empowering students to take responsibility for themselves and their own education.  

“As a former teacher, learning mastery vs. learning to a test is really important to me,” she said. “I want my kids to learn how to put their knowledge into action to address real world issues. High Meadows provides a great focus on active learning, critical thinking, and problem solving. That fits my personal and education values.” 

Nurturing Children Through the Years 

Another reason many parents note they selected High Meadows is for the nurturing environment it provides. Our school community is built around relationships and appreciation for how each individual contributes to what makes High Meadows so special. Madden agrees. 

“The teachers know my kids, love them, and look out for them,” she said. “My children feel the sense of community and family environment and benefit from that. I see the teachers follow my children’s growth across grade levels and provide a safe space to grow and mature at the pace they need. They strike a great balance between accepting where kids are and challenging them to take next steps. High Meadows has exceeded my expectations, and I had high expectations coming in.”

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