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High Meadows Middle School Programs: Teaching Both Life and Problem-Solving Skills

private middle school STEAM courses

At the best private middle schools, programs are consciously designed to motivate kids personally and academically by teaching both life and problem-solving skills.

At High Meadows, our middle school (what we call Middle Years) students enroll in mini-courses throughout the year to try something new or pursue a passion. Course offerings vary, but mainstays include debate, music/band ensembles, technology, life skills, theatre and production programs, philosophy, fine arts, product design, outdoor living skills, and yearbook staff. STEAM classes are part of the course rotation and include engineering challenges, metalsmithing, environmental project, 3D Maker, knitting, and cross-stitching.

This year, some students selected a new Small Engines course. They explored how a 4 cycle engine works and took apart 4 cycle lawnmowers, 2 cycle chainsaws, and small rototillers. Their goal is to see what the engines look like, figure out how they work, and try to fix them. Teacher David Engbritson said students learned how to use tools, gained a feel for which ones would work best in different situations, and had to use problem-solving skills. “A lot of experiences presented themselves in class that are life experiences. Students had to keep working to find a solution even if it wasn’t fun anymore, and that certainly happens in real-life,” he said. The course will be offered again later this school year.

Interested in learning more about our Middle Years program? Learn more or join us at an upcoming event.

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