Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

What factors do you consider when making admission decisions?

The admission process at High Meadows School seeks to determine if the School is the right “match” for the applying child and family. We look at applicants holistically and use many criteria to predict whether a child will be successful at High Meadows. We value diversity and welcome families of all races, colors, creeds, national origins, religions, and sexual orientations. Though making the right match is more art than science, below are the guidelines used by our Admission Committee to evaluate students and families for admission to High Meadows School.

For All Students Seeking Admission

The successful applicant to High Meadows will have a visit and admission assessment at High Meadows that demonstrates:

  • positive interactions with peers and teachers;
  • the ability to work both independently and collaboratively;
  • natural curiosity and motivation;
  • enthusiasm about the school environment; socially appropriate behavior for the applicant’s age;
  • the ability to adjust to transitions during a High Meadows school day; and
  • strong performance on the High Meadows admission assessment.

The successful applicant to High Meadows will typically have reports from current and past schools that show:

  • performance that is on or above grade level as evidenced by school transcripts, progress reports, and any standardized tests that may have been taken; and
  • favorable assessments and comments on recommendation forms regarding both academic and social performance.

High Meadows School may not be a fit for students with diagnosed learning differences, and/or behavioral or emotional considerations that would make participation in and contribution to our classes and community difficult. We ask that families communicate special considerations proactively during the application process so that a student's potential fit can be appropriately assessed.

For Applying Families

The successful applicant's parents or guardians will:

  • show a propensity for embracing a child-centered, globally-focused, progressive approach to education;
  • be supportive, realistic, patient, and communicative;
  • demonstrate a willingness to volunteer their time and talent in support of the School; and
  • understand the School’s basic financial model and agree to participate in philanthropic giving to the best of their ability.

We give special consideration to siblings of current students and children of alumni, faculty, and staff. Other areas of consideration depend upon each classroom context, including diversity, gender balance, and our ability to serve the needs of a variety of learners.

I’ve missed your deadline. May I still apply?

Absolutely. Once the preferred application deadline has passed, we will continue to offer rolling admission as space is available in each grade level. We also keep active wait pools for grades that are currently at capacity. Contact the Office of Admission to learn what opportunities might be available in the grade you are seeking.

Does High Meadows School offer financial aid?

Yes. We offer need-based financial aid to students entering five-day Pre-K through Eighth Grade. Families demonstrate financial need under the guidelines of the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) and have all supporting documents (tax forms and schedules) uploaded by our financial aid deadlines. For additional information about the financial aid process, contact the Office of Admission.

Does High Meadows School have a summer program?

During the summer months, High Meadows offers an amazing summer camp program for students entering Pre-K through Ninth Grade. Visit High Meadows Camp to learn more about camp schedules, activities, and registration.

Community and Programs

What type of families make up the High Meadows community?

High Meadows families come from many different backgrounds. Religiously, politically, ethnically, and internationally, we are a diverse community that welcomes families with new perspectives and experiences. High Meadows families share values about what kind of learning experience they want their children to have. They embrace our child-centered, globally-focused curriculum and believe in a school model that places a high value on the love of learning. High Meadows parents enjoy being active in our school activities and engaging as members of our learning community.

What kind of background and education do your teachers have?

Our faculty has a combined total of more than 850 years of teaching experience—that calculates to an average of 15 years of experience per faculty member. The majority has a graduate degree. And, they all love teaching. High Meadows teachers have a plethora of interests, uncovering different world views, hobbies, and passion to our students: music, environmental sustainability, community service, biking, love and respect of animals, woodworking, camping, canoeing, knitting, gardening ... the list goes on and on. In short, our teachers love to come to work (yes, they really do)!

Are extended hours available for working families?

High Meadows School offers before and after care to accommodate the schedules of families in need of an extended day. Our Rooster program begins at 7:30 a.m. and our Stay 'n Play programs runs from the end of the academic day until 6 p.m. There is a $50 annual registration fee to participate in these programs, and participation is billed on an hourly basis. There is also an After-School Enrichment program. Learn More >

Where do most of your graduates attend High School?

Virtually all High Meadows graduates are accepted to their top choice high school, so the best answer is ‘wherever they want to go!’ About half of our graduates transition into public high schools in the top ranked Roswell and East Cobb school districts. The other half attend private high schools, including Galloway, Pace, Westminster, Holy Innocents, The Paideia School and Blessed Trinity. Each year, around 95 percent of our graduates track into AP and honors courses as freshmen, and often test out of their first year of high school Spanish.  Outcomes >


So, what's the bottom line? Why should we send our child to High Meadows? What do we really get for our investment?

High Meadows School is a place where adventure, play and discovery go hand in hand with high quality academic preparation and exemplary student outcomes. We know that there is time in each school day for intellectual challenge and fresh air, for innovation and movement.

From our outstanding faculty and breathtaking 40-acre campus, to our small classes and International Baccalaureate curriculum, High Meadows School provides students in Preschool through Eighth Grade an educational experience unlike any other school community.



High Meadows School is a member of the Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools (AAAIS) and we follow the guidelines outlined in the AAAIS brochure “Principles of Good Practice.” High Meadows School does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, veteran status, sex, age or sexual orientation in employment, admission of students or in providing its services in any manner.

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