Some schools may call them "specials," but we consider our Connections classes to be much more than extra-curricular. Through regular explorations in music, physical education, visual arts, information and technology literacy, Spanish, environmental education, animal care, and theatre, students gain a cross-disciplinary perspective that is much more representative of how we experience the real world and, more importantly, how we express ourselves within it.

The enthusiasm is unmistakable: it's the sparkle in a little girl's eye as she tells her mother about the vessel she is making out of clay as part of a unit on ancient civilizations; the excitement in the boy's voice as he describes getting to play a guitar in music class; a vivid re-enactment of the dramatic play that the class read; a confident expression of information and ideas in a multi-media presentation. These are a few of the joyful, meaningful learning experiences that High Meadows children discover through educational activities that enrich, deepen, and broaden their understandings of all curriculum.

Beginning in Preschool, our Connections classes provide learning experiences essential to our curriculum. Each offers a different way for children to express themselves, to relate to peers, to pursue an inquiry—to shine. As students move through the Early and Elementary years, the depth at which each Connections class introduces concepts and skills increases. Research has shown that when students experience the connections between different disciplines in meaningful ways, learning is more profound and lasting.

Middle Years students pursue their own interests by selecting a variety of Mini-Courses offered throughout the year.

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