Elementary Years

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades

*Please note that for the 2016-17 school year we are excited to be returning to a fully-integrated multiage model in which we will offer combined Kindergarten/First Grade, Second/Third Grade, and Fourth/Fifth Grade classes with two lead teachers per homeroom.
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Students in Elementary Years use skills acquired in Early Years to analyze a broader range of information and ideas on deeper levels. Students work in a variety of cooperative groupings and individually to gain new knowledge that is relevant and significant to the world today. Their learning is expressed through oral presentations, written work, and creative projects. Utilizing the IB Primary Years Programme as our curricular framework, elementary students further develop as global citizens through exposure to issues that cross geographic boundaries and subject areas. All students participate in six units of inquiry each year that are trans-disciplinary in nature allowing them to see the interconnectedness of knowledge and a variety of perspectives.

Third Grade

When entering Third Grade, students return to a single grade classroom, where their unique developmental needs can be met by a devoted pair of teachers. This is an important transition year for High Meadows students as they move from early childhood to elementary, a year in which their thinking moves from concrete to abstract. Students of this age are poised to become advocates for their needs. Our teachers recognize this and empower our students to take ownership of their growth while providing necessary support. We address more than just students’ cognitive growth, but also their physical and social and emotional needs.

Teachers at High Meadows also recognize the importance of authentic assessment and collect information in a multitude of ways including observations, conferencing, and written reflections. Beginning in the Third Grade, standardized tests provide a snapshot of progress and give differentiation data to our teachers to use in their classroom instruction.

At High Meadows we value the whole child. Learning experiences in our Connections classes deepen and broaden understanding related to the units of inquiry, offer opportunities to discover passions, and provide balance to our days. Field trips connected to our units of inquiry add Enrichment to student understanding and perspectives and include the Tellus Museum and performances in the Atlanta area.

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Fourth/Fifth Grade

The Fourth and Fifth Grade years for a student at High Meadows are spent in a multi-age classroom with a two-year curriculum. Our student-centered classrooms have two teachers facilitating learning, modeling citizenry, and nurturing social emotional development. Classroom community is fostered through class meetings and students sharing in decision making, including developing their own unit of inquiry, Exhibition, during their Fifth Grade year. A component of the Primary Years Programme, the Exhibition gives students the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired through their earlier years to a real-world problem. By investigating solutions and presenting their findings, students demonstrate the attributes of the learner profile and provide authentic assessment of student understanding and development.

Connections classes balance out the learning for Fourth and Fifth Grade students by offering opportunities to discover passions and extend understanding related to units of inquiry. Learning always extends beyond the classroom at High Meadows, but in Fourth and Fifth Grade the learning extends beyond the city limits as students take overnight trips. Fourth Grade students take an overnight trip into north Georgia to Wahsega, a 4-H camp in Dahlonega, Ga. Our fifth graders travel for three days, two nights to Rock Eagle 4-H Center is Eatonton, Ga. These trips provide opportunities for team building, environmental awareness, and learning about Georgia’s ecosystems. Several day trips around the Atlanta area round out the Enrichment experience in Elementary Years.

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