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High Meadows Partners with Star House to Provide ‘Secret Santa Shop’ at Mimosa Elementary

The article originally appeared in The North Fulton Neighbor.

By Lindsay Moscarello

To give a gift is not always focused on receiving a tangible product, but how one feels to give something to another person.

High Meadows School students in grades six, seven and eight, partnered with STAR House to help Mimosa Elementary School students this holiday season with a “Secret Santa” event.

Mimosa students in grades kindergarten through fifth had the chance to go Christmas shopping on Dec. 15 at a special shop set up at the school.

The shop was full of gift options for students to choose five, each of which they could gift to a family member.

Children were given the opportunity to pick out gifts for parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles or other family members.

High Meadows School eighth graders were in charge of providing the gift selection, which was mostly attained through donations from local businesses.

Once children were finished shopping, they returned to the school cafeteria and a High Meadows students would help with wrapping and tagging each gift.

Wrapping papers, gift bags, bows, ribbons and accessories were collected by seventh graders.

After gifts were wrapped and safe for transport home, children were able to enjoy a treat of milk and cookies, provided by sixth grade students and families.

STAR House Foundation Development Director Stephanie Christiansen noted the camaraderie and fun times had between students at both schools during the wrapping.

Children proudly displayed the wrapped gifts that would go under the tree and opened on Christmas morning.

According to Christiansen, High Meadows students also visit Mimosa Elementary once per month for tutoring sessions with the younger children.

Secret Santa was also held for STAR House students at Esther Jackson Elementary.

STAR House partners with both schools to provide an after school tutoring and mentoring program for at-risk children throughout North Fulton County.

Original article may be found: http://www.mdjonline.com/neighbor_newspapers/north_fulton/education/high-meadows-partners-with-star-house-to-provide-secret-santa/collection_fff4e00e-e4f3-11e7-b7c9-d7ca0d3916e0.html


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