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Want to Learn Something New Every Day? Teach at High Meadows!

By Gail Albert, Prekindergarten Teacher

Eight years ago, I began working at High Meadows. I remember coming back to campus after my first winter break, and on my walk to class that morning, thinking, “I’m excited to be back!” It went through my head that I couldn’t possibly tell anyone that. It sounded crazy – even to me – but I felt so grateful to be working here. It’s even more crazy to say that I continue to feel that way.

At High Meadows, I’m learning something new everyday.  Everyone–faculty, students, parents–is a teacher here! The young children in my classroom are open to learning and want to experience something new every day. By following the children’s questions, our learning together takes new shapes and forms. Their families are always part of our learning community. We support each other with the same goals in mind.

Having a co-teacher is both the most challenging and the best part of my job.  It’s like a marriage: the relationship takes work, but the rewards are always greater than the effort put in. Looking at a student through two sets of eyes results in our knowing the children as unique individuals with unique learning styles, which enables us to set goals for our students. When I need additional support, I can look to any teacher or administrator here. The experience and knowledge they have, and the dedication they show, continues to encourage me to give more. I am honored to teach with them.

I often feel like a salesperson when I am speaking about High Meadows because it seems too good to be true. However, my feelings are all based on my experiences here. I love teaching at High Meadows–it is truly how school should be!

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